Travel Resources

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Here are some helpful travel links to aid in your journeys.

Castle Ruins
    This site has a lot of fun information for travelers. We like the “interactive packing list” it helps you get organized showing you the 100 commonly packed items. You can check what you need and even add your own personal items. Your personalized list can be printed, emailed or saved on your computer for future trips.

    Are you planning a road trip? Check out this fun site to see if you will pass by any “offbeat” tourist attractions on the way!

  • Barnes & Noble
    Shop for travel guides, maps and material to make your journey more memorable. Find a good read, take an audio book onyour next flight.

  • Magellan’s
    Shop for travel ease and security from suitcases and clothes to money belts and TSA locks to electronic adapters for hair
    dryers and computers.

    Use your own word list to create and print customized word search, criss-cross, math puzzles, and more. Choose words that have to do with your trip for your child to play on the way to your destination.